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12 Jun 2016 05:52 #1 by Jiminsgirl1999
Jiminsgirl1999 created the topic: ME
Hello everyone,
My name is Emily. I am new on here and I am a current songwriter. I want to get my songs out there and one day hopefully be a song writer for BTS the Korean boy group.
I cant wait to hear replies on my songs and I will be posting them shortly. I am 16 almost 17 and my inspiration is Jimin form BTS because he can have a low voice and still do incrediable high notes. I hope you all like my music and if anyone has any themes or ideas for a song let me know.

:P :) :( <3 <3 jiminie <3 <3

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13 Jun 2016 15:49 #2 by milesotoole
milesotoole replied the topic: ME
Hi Emily, nice to meet you.

Do you have a soundcloud page or anything? I'd like to hear what you are working on.

I have only recorded one of my songs so far - just a rough demo with guitar and an old keyboard for a drumbeat: Here it is if you'd like to hear it:

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