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"His Song" by Danielle Viglione

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25 Jan 2016 07:36 #1 by DKV25
DKV25 created the topic: "His Song" by Danielle Viglione
I'm supposed to be jaded, faded into the past
I'm supposed to be lonely, only I'm not doing that bad
Whenever you cross my mind
I'm supposed to shed a tear
But nothing like that has been happening here
And memories one by one they disappear
(But I won't say I regret you. And I wont say that I hate you. Our story taught me things I need to know. So I won't say we were nothing. We just weren't meant to be something. We were lessons. We needed to grow.)
I would tell you I'm sorry, honey but it won't do no good
I was supposed to love you, trust you but I just never could
The song that I wrote for us
I wasn't thinking about you
I wish I'd felt that way, I truly do
But I will never be who you want me to
And I never meant to hurt you
This is my fault, shoulda told you
I understand if you hate me
Wasted so much of your time
Trying to force what couldn't be

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

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