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Songwriter Saying Hello

16 Feb 2015 19:46 #1 by GiDyer101
GiDyer101 created the topic: Songwriter Saying Hello
Hi to anyone who is reading this.
I probably shouldve made introductions when I first came onto the site, but I needed to get feedback really fast :whistle: Im more into country pop than any other type of music, and I actually wanted to find a writing partner. A family friend introduced me to this site when I thold her that, so here I am. I have always been able to come up with pretty decent lyrics, but Ican never figure out a melody. The song I posted before this, Sleepless, was one where i did both the music and the lyrics, but otherwise, coming up withmusic is a lost cause with me. I know this is pretty sudden and shaky, since I am obviously at theyoung age of twelve, but I have been serious about being a singer songwriter since I was four years old. This request is for someone serious about this too, and able to kind of offer lesson/advice-like comments. :S

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16 Feb 2015 21:46 #2 by ebl20008
ebl20008 replied the topic: Songwriter Saying Hello
Welcome to songcrypt!

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21 Feb 2015 17:33 #3 by BenVWG
BenVWG replied the topic: Songwriter Saying Hello
Well, I could certainly help you with songwriting!
Things I would suggests:

Use the song lyric ideas of www.lyricideas.com . Its difficult to write from one sentence idea, so training your skill to write about everything is fairly important.
Look for chordprogressions, and try writing with just base chords.
Try to use word jokes, idioms, to spice up the lyrics :-)

If you have any questions, connect with me and just ask!

Ben (

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